Anglo Saxon Lyre – custom

Anglo Saxon Lyre that lives in Italy now

Anglo Saxon Lyre (AS-1) that lives in Italy now . . . US$175



  1. Daniel McGowan

    Do you still make these for the same price $ 175.00. Also any in stock or you make them as per order.

    • Daecghnaegh

      Hi Daniel,

      they are now $195, a little more with extras like a fancy top, carving or a bone bridge. We normally have one or more in stock, but at the moment we are selling them faster than we can craft them. That said, I have a) a custom model near completion which will sell for $250, that features custom carved sound holes and a carved burl back design in a firebird motif, b) a basic model my apprentice has about half-way done and c) a blank ready to be carved out and d) a basic model that’s already spoken for. We’re a few weeks out from delivery on any of the 1st three but we can easily start a custom order, if you wish.

      How can we help?

      • Daniel McGowan

        Some questions:
        1. What are the wood types in the one in the picture.
        A. what are your typical woods you use to make them
        2. What does the fancy top look like.
        3. Does the carving or bone make a different in sound.
        Do you have pictures to show me about the questions I asked
        I would be interested basic model or the blank

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