Anglo Saxon Lyre for Sale


Apprentice Lili Blossom Bourn, with Anglo Saxon lyre, for sale

Apprentice Lili Blossom Bourn, with Anglo Saxon lyre (AS-1) with bone bridge, US$190.



  1. Lauren

    Hey there! I was just wondering how to order from your site? It’s probably very obvious but I just can’t seem to figure out how.
    Thank you!

  2. Randy

    I would like to learn the prices and times involved in purchasing an anglo-saxon lyre.
    Thanks in advance.


    • Daecghnaegh

      Hi Randy,

      The prices reported on some parts of the website are actually too high, as I was taking bad advice from someone who didn’t know my market very well. That said, an ordinary, Sutton-Hoo style Anglo-Saxon Lyre goes for $185 and is made from Poplar and has a non-specified hardwood top, usually Maple or Oak and has a hardwood bridge. You can have a bone bridge instead for an extra $15 and/or a decorative hardwood top (Cherry is popular) for an extra $30 or more, depending on what species you like.

      Additionally, I have 2 other one-off, custom models, one of which is finished and one of which is quite close. The completed one has decorative slotted sound holes that imitate the German designs and enhance the sound (The original A-S lyre had no sound holes at all) and it sports a custom double bone bridge. It is finished with danish oil for an authentic touch. I’ve sent you 3 pictures of this instrument in a private email.

      The other one I do not have pictures of yet, but I can take a few when I get back to the shop and send them to you. It is similar to the other except that it has a Maple burl fire-bird motif applied to the back in bas relief, a Maple burl bridge and carved, flame-shaped sound holes in the upper arms. That one is finished in polyurethane gloss.

      Either of these instruments are $250 + shipping.

      If it’s a custom design you want, or even just the basic, I need a deposit of 1/2 the full amount to get started, then the remaining 1/2 plus shipping upon completion. Timing is the difficult thing. We don’t normally get much snow around here, but last week it dumped on us and I can’t get up the driveway to the shop at the moment. If the report of potential freezing rain comes about, that may mean more delays. I can probably (he said, cautiously) finish it up by mid-January. If you want the one pictured here, all I have to do is package it and send it upon receipt of your check. If you want the firebird model, it could be ready in a few weeks (cold and damp play havoc with the finishing process).

      Let me know how we can help.

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