Orphic Airs – Instruments for the Ages


Been mostly busy at the shop and have managed to move ahead on various small projects.  In this entry, I’d like to share some of the photos I found while uploading stuff into the gallery area. HNP-2, the larger of the 2 hog nosed psalteries. Sutton Hoo lyre replica, underway.   The Pochette’s progress.   Another shot of the Medieval Viol, prior to...

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  A medieval viol and a pochette I worked on...

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05DEC12–OA-2 Modern Lyre, OA-1 and the Anglo-Saxon lyre . . . Howdy folks, I was sick with a rhinovirus of some sort last week and in the wake of that got sick again today with some kind of gut infection . . . but I still managed to get some work done and am only slightly delayed.  I include here some updated pictures of the 2 lyres I’m working on (the oa-2...

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