Small Psaltery

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SP-1, the Small Psaltery

SP-1, the Small Psaltery . . . US$95

Nearly every culture on this Earth has had some sort of small psaltery or box zither with which to entertain.  It is our least expensive instrument and is typically built from high-quality hardwoods left over from larger projects so we are able to keep the quality high and the cost reasonable. It sports 15 strings and is usually shipped in the key of C so that the customer can turn strings flat or sharp to obtain the keys wherein their repertoire lies.  This an excellent gift for a music student who is just learning the rudiments of unstopped stringed instruments and is a useful adjunct to a harp player as a tuning reference too.  It can take the soprano bits in ensemble and is a natural fit with most small string bands, a great accompaniment to our other, similar instruments like the Hog-nosed Psaltery and the Wing-shaped Psaltery.

Dimensions: approx 10″ on the long side, 7″ on the short.  About 3″ deep, including the pins.  Sound box is about 1.5″ deep.  Shipping weight is about 5 lbs.

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