Wing-Shaped Psalterie

 The WSP1

WSP-1--The Wing-shaped Psalterie

WSP-1–The Wing-shaped Psalterie . . . US$260


Many years ago, I saw a picture of a stained glass window that decorates a church in Chartes, and in this window an angel was holding a board zither that gave me an idea . . . Certainly, artist conceptions of musical instruments are not often accurate, workable (or even build-able) but this one seemed to have promise.

I envisioned an instrument that had 2 separate “manuals” or “registers” of strings that could be tuned in a variety of ways. Out of the shop, we tune the “big side” (that’s the side with the most strings) to the key of C such that the custo,mer can tune them up or down to obtain the key they desire.  The “short side” (with the 6 large strings) are tuned to a collection of Cs, Gs, Es and A and can be used to either extend the range of the big side or to fatten up the sounds of chords plucked there.  But this is only the way we ship it, for numerous customers have changed various strings around to suit their needs and we certainly encourage that, as well as the exchange of information.  There is a section in the FAQ that regards tuning remarks and the many creative ways the instrument can be strung will be detailed there for the edification of all.

Quality hardwoods are used throughout.  An additional sound hole in the channeled-out headstock adds volume and clarity.

Dimensions: approx 28″ on the long side, 15″ on the short.  About 3″ deep, including the pins.  Sound box is about 1.5″ deep.  Shipping weight is about 15 lbs.

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  1. Ashley Woody

    Blossom gave us your website and i am very interested to see more of her works.

    • Daecghnaegh

      We will be stringing and photographing some of her instruments soon, so stand by.

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